Learning to Code Swift – From a 9 Year Old?

A young boy 9 years old develops a Swift-based calculator on X-code.

Anyonecancode is his YouTube Channel you can find here. I thought it was a joke at first, but no. Though he cannot explain things well, and though he completely lost me around 44 minutes into his hour long “How to Make a Calculator with Swift” video, you have to give the kid some serious respect! He said he already has some apps in the App Store!

I bring you this example for a couple of reasons…

  1. You’ll be amazed at what a 9 year old is capable of. He learned this stuff without really even understanding the names of the various bits of code and the X-Code software he was talking about. HOW?
  2. You’ll be inspired as hell because you know, if this 9 year old kid can at least build a simple app like this – WHY CAN’T YOU?
  3. You’ll immediately understand that though he can build the app, he can’t explain it well at all – and you’ll get lost watching it. Same with any Swift code developer you’re watching on YouTube – if the person isn’t explaining what he/she is doing WELL (Clearly, with good lines of thought), you aren’t going to get it regardless how smart you are. So, when this kid leaves you in the dust muttering under your breath, you can take some comfort in the fact that if you can’t follow this video, it isn’t because you’re stupid. It’s because the kid can’t possibly explain it the way an adult would need to hear it to follow along and learn the concepts. Even though you can see EXACTLY what the kid is doing – we need to know the WHY – and that part is completely missing.

Here’s the video – be amazed….!