Video blogs (VLogs) about learning X-Code and Swift over 50 days to see if I can make $50,000 per year rate after that short amount of time. Can I do it? Follow me on the videos and see! If you’re also trying to learn Swift, you can follow what I’m doing and see if it helps you. I’m analyzing everything as I go – so I think this will be a good path.

  • Day 1 – Setting the tone for what will be 50 days of learning to code Swift using X-Code.
  • Day 2 – Nick Walter’s Udemy Course for learning Swift 3 Code. I’m psyched here, but over time I downgraded the course from 5/5 stars, to 3.5 out of 5. I just don’t think he covered enough information for the 94 lessons he had. It was super easy, and highly recommended if you want an easy and not intimidating way to begin coding Swift.
  • Day 3 – oops, didn’t shoot one.
  • Day 4 – Done with Nick’s course and looked at Stanford Course.
  • Day 5 – Overview of more about learning Swift – starting a website, and other stuff – not waiting until your learning is over. Interesting stuff – don’t miss it.
  • Day 6 – Re-cap of what I’ve done over the last day and a half. I’m calling this day 6 as I’ve re-focused and I’m charging ahead to complete a pile of Swift / X-Code courses in just 50 days.